1.What does unsigned brand mean?

These are brands we sell but are not signed to the Style Ville platform.

2.What do I get with Style Box?

You get items from any of these categories as stated below. The number of items in the box is determined by the box type being paid for and products are selected based on what our curators select although we try to curate items you will like based on the form you fill. Please note that it is not one item per category but items can be selected from any of the categories


3.What is the cost of Style Box?

The prices are based on the box selected excluding shipping. Please note for International deliveries, we unfortunately cannot cover any excess costs (e.g. customs/import duties and/or taxes) once the box reaches your country of residence.

4. Are the monthly boxes different from normal packages?

Yes, they are. A monthly box is curated based on the theme our style curators select for each month and the number of monthly boxes are limited. The normal packages are curated based on the categories selected by our style curators and information filled by the customer.

5. What payment option is available?

There is no payment on delivery for the Style Box. All payments happen before the box is dispatched.

For Products sold on Style-Ville shop, Payment on delivery is discouraged but can be allowed for first time customers to experience the products. Check the delivery options for more details if this applies to you as terms and conditions apply.

6. What is the process to subscribe to a Style Box?

If you are subscribing to our monthly box, after you receive your first box, your subscription payment will be billed to the card connected to your account before the box for the next month is shipped. This applies to those subscribing for a couple of months.

7. How is my Product sent?

We work with different courier companies to ensure speedy delivery of items.

For International customers, we send items through international shipping companies.

8. Will you tell me what is coming in my Style Box?

The content of your Box is a real surprise and is suited to you as much as possible based on the information on the form and our style curators selection.

To get a teaser of what type of products you will get and the brands, you can refer to our Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts @shopstyleville to view our latest subscriber shots. We also do sneak peeks via our social media accounts.

9. Is Style Box customized for me?

Customized Boxes only apply to those making a purchase of N25,000 and above.

10. Can I add extra items to the box I am purchasing?

This can be done at the discretion of our style curator or customer service representative.

11. What payment methods do you accept?                                                                                                  

Currently we accept MasterCard and Visa.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time on or before the next scheduled payment to ensure you are not charged and do not receive the box in the following month. You can cancel your subscription yourself via logging into your account dashboard. If you still need assistance, please contact our customer service team at orders@style-ville.com to cancel your subscription. We will then instruct you on the cancellation process & confirm cancellation for you.

Gift and Box purchases cannot be refunded.

Please note that cancellations will be confirmed via reply email within 72 hours (business hours).

13. Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship internationally. It’s calculated based on your country region on checkout.